In Motion Rotterdam 2023

UglyStupidHonest is the pet project of image maker Chris Hoffmann. Based in Haarlem, Netherlands, Chris likes to create worlds that immerse you in other realities, challenge your perspectives or simply prompt escapism.

Exactly what we needed for our In Motion Rotterdam line-up!

Chris Hoffmann is interested in experimenting with new technologies to discover how they can be bent, distorted, used and misused or mixed. His process begins with creating whimsical beings who inhabit alternate realities, drawing viewers into complex ecosystems.

His clients include Apple, Lexus, BASF, Kvadrat, Alcantara, Motorola, Maxon and Samsung among others.

Some of his favourite projects include studies into avatars for Microsoft and characters for Apple – both exemplifying the lengths to which you can abstract and reduce yet still achieve empathy.

He is also quite passionate about giving lectures and interacting with students. Something to make us really look forward to his In Motion Rotterdam talk!

More about the artist