In Motion Rotterdam 2023

Curious what’s brewing in the film and animation world? Want to see a gorgeous selection of innovative and cutting edge shorts? Then make sure you visit our very own pop-up cinema!

Expect works from Animade, Studio AKA, Nikita Diakur, She Drew That plus some beauties hand-picked by Procreate! All spiced up with some innovative Dutchies created by fresh talents! Dutch program co-curated by BROET.

Note that the program will be repeated several times during the festival.


Produced by Animade

Tend (d. Tom Judd & Ed Barret)

Donkey Wrong (d. Jim Billy Wheeler)

Chronemics (d. Tom Judd & Ed Barret)

Olympos (d. Russell Etheridge)

Bees (d. Ricard Badia)

Lernz (d. Ed Barrett)

Lunch Break (d. Lana Simanenkova)


Produced by Studio AKA

A Morning Stroll (d. Grant Orchard)

Jojo in the Stars (d. Marc Craste)

Lost & Found (d. Philip Hunt)

Varmints (d. Marc Craste)

Lovesport Love Biggamehunting (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Dominoes (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Fencing (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Highdiving (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Paintballing (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Pingpong (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love Synchronised Swimming (d. Grant Orchard)

Lovesport Love The Dogs (d. Grant Orchard)

Presented by Procreate

Garden Quest (d. Michael Relth)

The Witch’s Ghosts (d. Michael Relth)

Dream (d. Aaron Blaise)

Directed by Nikita Diakur



She Drew That presents: Made by Women

Give Me Space (d. Leanne Rule)

I’m Only Sleeping (d. Em Cooper)

The Peace of Wild Things (d. Katy Wang)

Isle of Chair (d. Ivyy Chen)

Enough (d. Anna Mantzaris)

Check’em Out (d. Eva Münnich)

Silvering (d. Eilidh Nicoll)

The Bigger Picture (d. Daisy Jacobs)

Yeah, I’m Good Thanks (d. Hannah Lau-Walker)

Your Mountain is Waiting (d. Hannah Jacobs)

Boobs (d. She Drew That)

Sidesteps (d. Isabel Barfod)

Affairs of the Art (d. Joanna Quinn)

Cookie Valentine & the Chamber of Horrors (d. Gabriela Moncayo)

Something More (d. Mary Martins)

Next x Fresh Meet – Dutch filmmakers 

The Creative Handshake – The Ruggeds (d. Rosie Zopfi)

Day 366  (d. Rozemarijn Elisa)

Gnomes (d. Ruwam Heggelman)

Yaar (p. Nahid Malayeri)

Snail Away (d. Juliet Campfens)

Directed By (d. Chiara Pastoor

The Perfect Gentlemen (d. Floor Wandel)

When Doves Try (d. Thalia de Jong)

Apes and Grapes (d. Kayne Mosch)

Diaphony (d. Mirjam Debets & Selle Inti Sellink)

It’s Nice In Here (d. Robert-Jonathan Koeyers)

Wa Dachte (d. Marco Peters & Viccens)

Period (d. Catherina Iosifidis)

Dutch program curated by Playgrounds and BROET.