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Terms and conditions for using the website of Playgrounds


  1. These terms and conditions apply to the website and all other websites published by or on behalf of Playgrounds. Playgrounds reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions unilaterally. In addition to these terms and conditions, other specific conditions may apply, including the conditions of our web shop and conditions related to other services provided by Playgrounds (whether or not via its websites).
  2. These terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law. Disputes concerning the use of this website may be heard exclusively by the competent Court in Breda. The information on this website is compiled and kept up to date with the utmost care. Playgrounds accepts no liability for the use of this website. Playgrounds cannot guarantee that this website will remain free of viruses, that it will always be available or that it will function without problems.
  3. Playgrounds is not responsible for hyperlinks from this site to the sites of third parties. This type of hyperlink does not imply that the Playgrounds is affiliated to the respective third-party organisation or that the Playgrounds endorses the content of the respective website.
  4. Setting hyperlinks to our website from a third-party website is permitted, but framing pages from this website in a third-party website is not.
  5. Playgrounds owns the copyrights to all photographic material of Playgrounds events and texts on this website. The mere fact that this website contains images and texts does not mean that Playgrounds is entitled to license their further disclosure or reproduction in every case. The images of artists will always be credited.
  6. Playgrounds’s brand names and logos are protected trademarks. Unauthorised use thereof is not permitted.
  7. For questions or remarks about the use of this website, please do not hesitate to contact us by an email to
  8. In the event that the wording of these General Terms and Conditions deviates from specific conditions, the specific conditions shall prevail.


Privacy policy

  1. For Playgrounds and all affiliated organisations, carefully handling the data of visitors to our website is vitally important. Playgrounds’ website is designed to protect the privacy of visitors as much as possible.
  2. If you specify that you wish to receive information by email via this website, you consent to Playgrounds (and/or an affiliated organisation) periodically informing you about its activities, products and services. You may, however, always indicate at any time that you no longer wish to have information sent to you. If this is the case, you can at any moment stop receiving information from us by sending an e-mail to or by unsubscribing via the link in our e-mail newsletters. Playgrounds will not pass on your personal information without your explicit permission. In exceptional cases, Playgrounds contracts third parties to provide a limited number of services, such as for example, sending extra information about an event you’ll be attending. This sometimes necessitates disclosing some personal information to third parties. This will, however, only be done for specific purposes and the respective third parties are obliged to treat personal information data with the same degree of confidentiality as Playgrounds.
  3. Playgrounds does not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information, unless it is provided voluntarily by individual visitors to the website. If you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter or purchase an e-ticket, you will provide Playgrounds with one or more of your following personal details: sex, first name, last name, e-mail address, postal address, country of residence and/or telephone number. We also collect other information related to your e-mail newsletter account, Playgrounds visits and e-ticket orders. Your personal details will not be made public.


The use of cookies

Playgrounds uses cookies on the website These cookies are simple text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smart phone when you visit our website. Cookie technology has been used on virtually all websites for a long time. To meet new legislative requirements, we now provide a more detailed explanation of how cookies are used.


Cookie statement

Playgrounds uses cookies to provide its services. A cookie is a simple text file containing data that is stored, for example, on your computer’s hard disk or in your browser history. A session cookie does not contain any personal information and its sole purpose is to make a website easier for you to use.

Cookie types

Playgrounds uses two types of cookies:

Functional cookies

Some cookies are essential for our website to function properly. We use these cookies, for example, to remember your preferences.

Other types of cookies

Playgrounds uses cookies to check whether this is the first time you have visited the website beyond the home page. Playgrounds also uses cookies to monitor website statistics (Google Analytics). We also use social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – to facilitate sharing web pages. Playgrounds has no influence over cookies placed by social media companies.

Blocking cookies

You can of course always opt to block cookies. Most internet browsers can be configured not to accept cookies or to notify you if a website attempts to place a cookie on your computer. The method for doing this depends on the specific browser you use. You should, however, bear in mind that some pages of the Playgrounds’s website will not function or not work optimally if you block cookies. The method for disabling cookies is different for each browser .

Clearing cookies after your browser session

After visiting, you can opt to clear cookies from your computer. The method for doing this is different for each browser.