We Are Playgrounds

We are an innovator and connector between makers, industry, education and audience, providing a stable fundament to boost new and relevant developments in the moving image fields of animation, visual effects, digital arts, film and games.

We are a platform that showcases and celebrates the creative image. We stimulate new developments, signal innovative movements, we inspire an international creative industry and connect you to the best and brightest artists and animators, extraordinary filmmakers, game-, sound- and graphic designers.

Since 2006 we have organized several Playgrounds festivals and conferences. What was first a yearly event turned in 2017 into a year round program with several events and festivals where the international creative industry comes together. Where you get inspired by artist talks, workshops, films and masterclasses. Where you meet your biggest heroes and witness mesmerizing performances.

During the year we offer several inspiring festivals and events, either online, on location or in a hybrid form. In Playgrounds In Motion we organize festivals in different cities and countries, focussing on different themes every time. A fest on motion design, animation & all shapes and forms in motion creativity. At Playgrounds The Art Department we put in the spotlight the design process of films, animations and games.


And we bring you even more….

Good to know you can rewatch loads of talks, demo’s and panels at our own streaming platform: REPLAY.

Talent development is the core of Playgrounds. This is key in all our activities and we have developed a tailor made talent program called Next. Partners in Next are Submarine, BROET, Natlab, Studio Biarritz, Herrie Film & TV, Noise Film & TV, BredaPhoto, Art Academy St. Joost and Kaboom film festival. Supported by Provincie Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Filmfund and Netflix.

Did you know that you can be part of Playgrounds? Playgrounds is always looking for volunteers. As a PLGR-volunteer you become a member of the family and get full acces to the festival. We’ll provide catering and – depending on the location – pay for (possible) travel expenses plus a volunteer fee. And that’s on top of the wonderful experience you’ll have while working at a creative festival.

If you’re interested in volunteering please fill out this form.


Who is who

Illustrations by Loek Vugs.


Address & details

Visiting & postal address

Klokgebouw 126
5617 AB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
4th floor

+ 31 40 30 98 017 (9.00-18.00 Amsterdam time) – also reachable via WhatsApp

VAT: NL81 800 9822 B01
Chamber of Commerce: 180 888 59

You can find our privacy statement here. Our Terms & Conditions can be found here.


Interested in becoming a volunteer? Join the Playgrounds family! We’re looking for enthusiastic people who help with anything and everything during our festivals. More info and the application form can be found here.

Code of Conduct

Playgrounds is committed to providing a safe and inclusive experience for everyone involved in our events regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, ethnicity, color, nationality, age, religion, or other protected characteristics. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy our events without fear of harassment, discrimination, or condescension. Every person interacting with Playgrounds will receive our Code of Conduct. Questions or do you nee more info? Please contact us via info@weareplaygrounds.nl. We are happy to help!

Mission statement

Playgrounds is an innovative connector between makers, talents and creative industry and stimulates new developments in the  moving images industry, within an international, accessible and hybrid/trans-disciplinary context. We strive to create a solid base for artists. We stimulate the production of digital arts in various forms (animations, illustrations, films, games, interactive). Our goals are:

  • to create a stage for local, regional and (inter)national cutting-edge innovative works within the audio visual, moving and graphic design industry and everything else that is directly or indirectly connected to them
  • to expand and further connect several (inter)national networks within the art-world and creative industry
  • to share development and production knowledge relevant for the creative industry; through our research programs we are active in the fields of research & development of the visual culture
  • to look actively for and program creators pushing boundaries of audio-visual environments;
  • to share inspiring projects and to reach various creators through our curatorial series and online platform
  • to promote collaborations between Brabant institutions, producers and makers with existing (inter)national institutions and makers within the creative field; in the same time generating new exhibitions and workshops opportunities that contribute to the aforementioned objectives of Playgrounds
  • to create new opportunities for the young generations of makers by allowing them to come into contact with (inter) national role models at an early age; we believe their still unexplored visual talent will surface and generate an even more diverse creative community within the Netherlands.

BOARD OF ADVICE (Raad van Advies)

James Goode

James Goode is a creative marketing leader and adviser.
He is the formerly head of creative at Airbnb and managing director at Google Creative Lab.

Siuli Ko

Siuli Ko is a manager, programmer and creative producer of a wide range of new media / digital culture / art & technology makers and projects.

Sarah Frankland

Sarah Frankland used to be the Head of Art of the British Council in Washinhgton, USA. A strategic thinker and a strong connector between external partners.

Vincent Lammers 

Executive Creative Director and Partner at BUCK. BUCK is an Emmy award-winning, international, style-agnostic, creative company that crafts design, stories, and technology.

Lucas Hendricks

Catalyst & curator with vision & drive. Brings strategy & initiatives to development. At his best in public/private cross-overs between creativity, social and innovation/business. Former Chairman Board of Directors A-Lab Amsterdam, strategic advisor Topsector Policy, Topteam Creative Industries; Innovation Platform; Ministry Economic Affairs.

Supervisory Board & Cultural Codes (Dutch only)

Raad van Toezicht / Supervisory Board

Hans Robertus – Chairman
Nelly Voorhuis
Lebinh Luc
Ania Markham
Marleine van der Werf

Cultural codes (Dutch only)

Stichting Playgrounds is een stichting zonder winstoogmerk en onderschrijft de Governance Code Cultuur alsmede de Fairpratice Code en de Code Diversiteit en Inclusie.

Stichting Playgrounds kent een Besturingsmodel. De Raad van Toezicht kent minimaal 3 leden, en momenteel 5 leden. De leden van de Raad van Toezicht zijn momenteel: Hans Robertus (voorzitter, associated partner MMEK, docent Erasmus Universiteit, design consultant), toegetreden 2022), Nelly Voorhuis (lid, kunsthistoricus, curator en cultureel producent, toegetreden 2020), Ania Markham (lid, Co-Founder & Strategic Partner Irrie.tv, toegetreden 2021), Marleine van der Werf (lid, filmmaker, visual artist, toegetreden 2021) en Lebinh Luc (lid, partner Batenborch International, COO LevelUp, toegetreden 2021). De leden van de Raad van Toezicht krijgen geen bezoldiging.

De leden worden benoemd voor een periode van in principe 4 jaar en kunnen maximaal voor 1 extra periode herbenoemd worden.

Rooster van aftreden:
Hans Robertus (einde eerste termijn 24-12-2026)
Nelly Voorhuis (einde tweede termijn 29-06-2028)
Ania Markham (einde eerste termijn 18-05-2025)
Marleine van der Werf (einde eerste termijn 18-05-2025)
Lebinh Luc (einde eerste termijn 18-05-2025)

De directie van de Stichting bestaat uit 2 leden (bezoldigd, 1,4 fte) en bestaat uit: Leon van Rooij (artistiek directeur) en Suzanne Rietdijk (zakelijk directeur).

Daarnaast bestaat de vaste staf uit Jacklyn Cornelisse (producent 1,0 fte), Milou van der Walle (content manager 1,0 fte), Andrea Paapst Ortiz (office manager/producent 1,0 fte), Wikke Andeweg (techniek 0,4 fte), Rikst Westra (producent & ticketing 0,5 fte).

Vier keer per jaar wordt er een gezamenlijke vergadering met de Raad van Toezicht en directie gehouden. De jaarrekening en het jaarverslag worden met een accountantscontrole goedgekeurd.

Het jaarverslag, jaarrekening en beleidsplan zijn online verkrijgbaar.

Thank you

We thank our partners, sponsors and subsidiaries for supporting Playgrounds. These collaborations are vital for us and we’re looking forward to develop exciting new plans together!

Principal sponsor – Procreate
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