19 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
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At Playgrounds, we are always In Motion. Even more so when chasing the newest creative trends, mind-boggling artists, ambitious innovative projects and unearthed inspiration emerged from digital arts in all shapes and forms.

Rotterdam knows reinvention like no other city in the Netherlands. It felt only natural to let it host in 2023 our very first In Motion festival on Dutch soil. We fell in love with the city’s energy so this year we’re coming back!

At our previous edition we set up camp in Maassilo and lavishly enjoyed a display of cutting-edge innovation prompted by artists such as Daniels, David Wilson, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Kirsten Lepore, Patrick O’Keefe and Julia Pott, among others, alongside various installations, art market stands and mind-blowing after-parties.

And Maassilo will once again be our host in 2024 💥

But we are preparing to take things even further! Think trailblazing artists, forward-thinkers, boundaries-pushers, media-benders. New trends, innovative art works, exciting technologies. All the things that stimulate your artistry and INSPIRE!

Buckle up because In Motion Rotterdam 2024 is up for a wild creative ride!

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