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Every two weeks a Playgrounds TV broadcast premieres on our YouTube channel. In-depth interviews about character design, concept art, motion design, current topics in the creative industry. Enjoy!

Previous editions: still available on YouTube

1 June 2022
Playgrounds TV | The Book Club: Milivoj Ceran
the book club sessions
9 March 2022
in-depth interview
23 February 2022
Playgrounds TV | The Book Club: Björn Hurri
the book club sessions
9 February 2022
Playgrounds TV: Wilbert Plijnaar
in-depth interview
26 January 2022
Playgrounds TV | The Book Club: Abigail Larson
the book club sessions
12 January 2022
Playgrounds TV: Mikey Please
an in-depth interview with an amazing animation director
15 December 2021
Playgrounds TV: Aimée de Jongh
an in-depth interview with a sizzling comic book artist and illustrator
1 December 2021
Playgrounds TV: Xaviera Altena
an in-depth interview with an empowering and very recognisable artist
17 November 2021
Playgrounds TV: The Power of Playing
panel on game design, storytelling and interaction
3 November 2021
Playgrounds TV: Piet Kroon
in-depth interview
20 October 2021
Playgrounds TV: Rachelle Joy Slingerland
in-depth interview about character design
22 September 2021
Playgrounds TV: Jeremy Hoffman
in-dept interview about character design
2 July 2021
Playgrounds TV: Pablo Dominguez
in-dept interview
4 June 2021
Playgrounds TV: Beatrice Blue
in-depth interview
21 May 2021
Playgrounds TV: Finnian MacManus
in-depth interview
7 May 2021
Playgrounds TV: BUCK Amsterdam
in-depth interview with Vincent Lammers
23 April 2021
Playgrounds TV: Lucas Zanotto
in-depth interview
9 April 2021
Playgrounds TV: Crypto Art + NFTs
New way to monitize digital art of just a marketing trick of crypto investors?
26 March 2021
Playgrounds TV: Ilse Harting
in-depth interview
12 March 2021
Playgrounds TV: John Nevarez
an in-depth interview
12 December 2020
Playgrounds TV: games
an evening about game development of all kinds
23 March 2022
Playgrounds TV | The Book Club: Iris Compiet
the book club sessions
6 April 2022
Playgrounds TV: Maureen van der Hout
in-depth interview about illustration and character design

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