Playgrounds TV: Jeremy Hoffman

In this Playgrounds TV broadcast we dive deeper into the world of Dutch character designer Jeremy Hoffman.

22 September 2021 (Event has ended)
20:30 - 22:00
Entrance fee
Free entrance

Every now and then we not only get to discover an incredible artist but actually witness an amazing talent’s growth right under our very eyes. Character designer Jeremy Hoffman has been a Playgrounds supporter for some time, always dropping in a sketch during our events, capturing a moment, making visual recaps of his favorite artists and talks. Through his consistent reaching out we couldn’t but be amazed at his development as an artist all the way to the amazing success and following he now enjoys.


In the Playgrounds TV Leon van Rooij has an in-depth interview with this character designer.

We get to find out more insights about his inspiring journey. Jeremy Hoffman started to experiment with drawing from an early age, especially as his mother was an artist herself. Very quickly he started gravitating towards character design, but we learn that he had to take a detour before he made a career in this field.

Jeremy will be present in the chat to answer all your questions. So join us!