In Motion Rotterdam 2023

Han Hoogerbrugge is an artist, illustrator and animator whose work spans diverse media. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of internet art and began his online artistic career with a series of interactive web animations titles Neurotica Series (1998-2001).

Hoogerbrugge’s works highlight the absurdity of our refusal to acknowledge that we are nothing more than monkeys dressed in sill, that our distorted morality has rendered us incapable of guiltlessly enjoying the temptations that disrobe themselves before us, that we are hypnotized by the black mirrors that we hold in the palms of our hands that reflect ‘our civilization’.

Hoogerbrugge’s work has been exhibited at: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam and Centraal Museum Utrecht in the Netherlands, Museo Tamayo (Mexico City), MOCA (Tapei), the Design Museum London, Sala Parpello (Valencia) and at the 54th Venice Biennale at the Danish Pavilion.

Hoogerbrugge made illustrations for The New York Times, various Dutch newspapers and Playboy magazine as well as commissioned works for Mercedes, Pet Shop Boys, Diesel, Range Rover and MTV.