The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Sustainable partnerships, durable work relationships, solid collaborations. Everything is possible in our ever inspiring Industry Garden. Make sure you go check it out, we think beautiful projects could flourish in this (literally!) green space.

Just like in a (not so) secret garden, do make sure you explore it in depth as there will be lots of surprising corners. Recruitment spaces, partner booths, come with an open mind and you’ll see how many new ideas can spring into existence.

But just like in nature, there are always small changes occurring. A booth that might be there in the morning could β€˜disappear’ in the afternoon. Some industry partners can be engaged with only at specific times. So plan ahead and keep an eye on the confirmed parties joining us!

Confirmed parties:

🌱 Creative Europe Desk NL
🌱 Make Way Film
🌱 Triumph Studios
🌱 Kunstloc Brabant
🌱 NL Film Fonds
🌱 Submarine
🌱 New Producers Academy
🌱 Creative Industries Fund NL
🌱 Het Cultuurfonds
🌱 De Ontmoeting
🌱 Cooler Media
🌱 VPRO Dorst