The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Indie creators of impactful games Little Chicken know everything about utilising resources to their fullest potential. In 2021 their Traffic Jams game won the Dutch Game Award for innovation alongside the Cinekid award for Best Game/App.

We can’t wait to learn more about their process, right on our Klokgebouw stage!

Little Chicken is an Amsterdam based game company, specialised in the development of digital entertainment. Their portfolio boasts recent mobile games like REKT, Royal Dutch Airlines’ Aviation Empire Platinum, and PC games like the upcoming Moonlight Peaks.


They also have a sizeable footprint in VR and AR, with the Albert Heijn’s Dinos application as standout example.

During The Art Department they will share more insights into creating their stand-out games.

This talk is made possible by our dear friends and partners at Maxon.