The Art Department Eindhoven 2024 (SOLD OUT)

“We’ll fix this in post!” is a phrase often heard on film sets, making post-production often a cringy nerve-wrecking experience for the entire team. In order to ensure a smoother time in this last stage of film-making, developing a concept for film music and sound design, the editing process and visual effects is actually not something to delay until you already shot your project.

Yassin Karmoudi, co-founder New Producers Academy, talks to post production supervisor Neeltje van der Heijden, film composer Djuri Boot and director and VFX supervisor at The Panics Guido Ekker about getting post-production already in place during the pre-production process.

In addition to being a co-founder and head of partnerships at the NPA, Yassin Karmoudi also holds the position of Talent Secretary at the NPO-fund, providing him with a unique overview of talent in the Netherlands. At the NPO, Yassin is instrumental in bringing more diverse talent into the film industry.

Neeltje van der Heijden is an independent freelance post production supervisor working from Amsterdam, the Netherlands on feature films in the European co-production environment. She shares her post production knowledge also as program manager and trainer at the annual post production workshop APostLab. She has been working in both analogue & digital film post production since 2005, on films such as: Occupied City, Above the Dust, The Garden of Earthly Delights and Dirty Lines.

Writing music has always been Djuri Boot‘s passion. Whether it’s as a sonic brand designer, music composer for a movie, documentary or a (serious) game, alongside anything from a small singer songwriter to a full blown orchestral track, he simply loves creating. Djuri has worked on projects such as Expeditie Robinson, De Paarse Heide, Rangers of the Lonestar, Alpha Lions and Hazenjacht among others.

Guido Ekker currently works as both director and VFX supervisor at The Panics. The combination of these two roles allows him to discover both new stories and be in tune with the fast evolving technical landscape of film. Whether it be documentary, commercials, SciFi film, or the spaces between, his directorial works remains committed to emotion-led storytelling in combination with high end VFXs. Guido is known for works like: Still Here, Shadowboxers, LeasePlan and Sundays. 

Speakers with different expertise but on the same page regarding thinking post-production from the earliest stages of creating a film project. Let’s find out why!

This panel was developed by Screen Talent NL for the pilot Het Beloofde Land. Playgrounds is founding partner of Screen Talent NL.