The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Looking for new work to add to you art collection? A unique piece of apparel? Or a book from your favorite artist and even get it signed? Take your chance to visit The Art Market at this edition of The Art Department. We chose to do things differently this year because The Art Market will have free entrance! So it’s time to invite your friends and fam and dive into all the cool stuff that’s on display.

Artists that will be present are:

🎨 Conform Cox x Femke Janssen
🎨 Knetterijs
🎨 Vera Savelkouls
🎨 Tosca van der Weerden
🎨 Eva Toorenent
🎨 Catzero
🎨 Cutevoid
🎨 Tekkons
🎨 Wobby Club
🎨 Jeroen Funke
🎨 Rob Worst
🎨 Niek Vergeer
🎨 Audrey Arts
🎨 Jill Heesbeen
🎨 Image de Julie
🎨 Buse
🎨 Knight JJ