The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Dutch concept artist and director Didier Konings has an impressive collection of credits including Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, A Wrinkle in Time, Tomb Raider, Birds of Prey, Dark Pheonix and Mouse Guard among many others.

Didier has graced the Playgrounds stage before, joining us in Eindhoven in 2022 and this time around he’ll be diving into his latest feature Witte Wieven. This film, based on the Dutch folklore, transports audiences to a medieval Dutch village where a young woman is caught between her faith, fanatic townsfolk and the dark forces lurking in the woods.

Didier will dive into the process of making the film, with exclusive peeks behind the scenes, giving insight into his technique and VFX.



Born and raised in Rotterdam, he always knew he wanted to work in film and it was seeing Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park that cemented his path towards visual effects. He was only 17 when he directed his first low-budget film titled Boys in War which earned him a spot at the Netherlands Film Academy. Here, he graduated with his short film The Space Between Us.

Landing a gig at Aaron Sims Creative in LA, he delivered concept designs for films and television shows like The Conjuring 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Wonder Woman, Rampage, The Tomorrow War and Stranger Things.

Now working independently, Didier has a slate of exciting projects to be released soon. Working with Nightroad Studios, he directed and designed the quarantine short film Seized, wrote and directed the music video for In My Breath by Grammy-nominated artist MA/SA, as well as directing the short film Uncario, which went on to be recognised by film festivals and awards across the world. Didier is currently in production on a feature film inspired by a Dutch folk tale.

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