The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Florian Legters is a founding partner and chief production designer at ReadySet Studios. Throughout his career, spanning more than two decades, Legters has contributed production design expertise to more than 20 renowned Dutch film and television productions, including Klem, Luizenmoeder and Het Gouden Uur.

We’re extremely excited to take a close look at his process during The Art Department Eindhoven.

Legters’ production designs for Life According to Nino earned him a Golden Calf nomination at the esteemed Netherlands Film Festival, while five television commercials featuring his work have been honored with Golden Loekie awards — the most prestigious audience awards for commercials and television series in The Netherlands.


As chief production designer at ReadySet Studios, Legters is leveraging his extensive professional experience and esteemed reputation in traditional production design to solve creative challenges in the virtual production milieu, especially those related to locations that are hard to produce and sets too expensive to build. He is especially committed to the studio’s mission to create a sustainable filmmaking environment.

An impressive goal, we can’t wait to learn more about during TAD 2024!