The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

The VR experience The Imaginary Friend was written and directed by interdisciplinary artist Steye Hallema. He directed the world’s first 360° music video. For his VR production ASHES TO ASHES, Steye won a Golden VR Award. He is also the mastermind behind The Smartphone Orchestra – a groundbreaking experience using the mobile phones of audience members in order to create innovative interactions and magical collective moments. The outcomes are often deeply engaging offering profound insights through energizing play.

In an interview Steye will take the audience along his journey in creating the installation The Imaginary Friend.

With its unique point of view in storytelling and the latest technical developments in VR, The Imaginary Friend presents an intimate experience unmatched in the VR landscape.

It took Steye several years to get this project done. It is partially created in the world-class Eindhoven based volumetric video studio 4DR.