The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Shazam 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, The Last of Us II and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are just some of the amazing projects Rotterdam based concept artist Danar Worya has worked on.

We can’t wait to pick his brains about the status of concept art, during The Art Department Eindhoven!

Danar Worya, the founder of Bright Winter Studio, is a seasoned visual development artist and animator hailing from Rotterdam, boasting a rich and diverse experience spanning over 8 years in the industry.

His exceptional work has significantly contributed to Triple-A titles such as The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Horizon: Forbidden West, where his artistic prowess truly shines. Throughout the years he worked for companies such as One Pixel Brush, Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog.

Beyond the pixels and polygons, Danar effortlessly crosses into the music industry, collaborating with industry luminaries like Director X, Will.i.am, and Kid Cudi. His portfolio reflects a unique blend of cinematic aesthetics , creativity and technical skill across both concept art and animation.

Danar also teaches concept art courses in Paris and gave lectures in Zagreb, Barcelona and Los Angeles. During his time on our Klokgebouw stage he will share his views concerning the progress of concept art and what the potential future might mean for it. We are very excited to listen to his take!

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