The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Quite likely, we are all very familiar with the phrase “I have an idea for a… [insert your favorite art-form]”. Even more so, if you are actually a creator! Gathered in sketch-books, handwritten in various agendas or digitally stored in folders, many of us are the proud owners of “drawers” (physical or virtual) filled with projects in various stages, waiting for their time to be set in motion and brought to life.

Our guests Jefferey Thompson and Hannah-Lau Walker will share their thoughts about this. Host and festival director Leon van Rooij will also pick their brains about other hot topics related to the filmmaking process but the industry as well. Come see what happens when two artists with different perspectives and experiences talk about the same subjects!

Jeffrey Thompson was one of the art directors for the iconic and norms-breaking show Rick and Morty, alongside films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and both Spider-Verse instalments. His clients list feature Netflix, Sony, Adult Swim, Disney,  Passion Pictures, Blue Sky, Reel FX, Hornet Inc  and Vice among others. A versatile creator, he has gone back and forth between film and television on a number of projects.

Hannah Lau-Walker has over ten years of experience within the commercial animation industry. She has worked from indie studios based out of peoples living rooms, all the way to huge production houses in central Soho. Hannah is the founder of She Drew That – a multi-platform community striving to find new ways to develop women’s skills and talents and help in combating the gender inequality found within the animation industry.