Triumph Studios

The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Founded in 1997, Triumph Studios is a Game Developer from the university town of Delft and one of the longest running studios in The Netherlands. Creators of the original Age of Wonders® and Overlord® series. Usually their games involve conquering the world in one way or another, hence the name. Currently we are developing Age of Wonders 4 live content, winner of Best Game at the Dutch Game Awards 2023.

Triumph’s goal is to make games deep in mechanics and immersion that people can play for hundreds of hours. Their games blend elements of multiple genres and have strong multiplayer components. The games tell personal stories that players can share. They use their own technology and, for most of the games, they ship level editing and modding tools. As hardcore gamers themselves, they work closely with their dedicated community, which shares their passion for virtual world domination.

Triumph are excited to be at The Art Department and will be looking to find new employees and interns, to connect with the Dutch art community and we’re always open to giving feedback across all artistic disciplines.

Present on Thursday 18 April and Friday 19 April.