These have been crazy times, no doubt. In 2020 we were able to reach out to you via a number of online festivals. For 2021 we wanted to take this up a notch and re-connect to you all in a totally different way.

We are taking you onto a World Tour!  Exploring visual art in a 24h world trip.

One thing we love about these times is that we are able to reach out and connect to artists from all corners of the world.

Traveling is not an option for many of you and especially now is not something that has priority. But inspiration and knowledge also thrives by seeing and experiencing new voices in visual storytelling and new cultures.

So let us be your digital flight attendant and show you the best concept artists, designers and filmmakers from the globe. Buckle up, stretch your legs, pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy this summerish globetrottin’ online marathon!

Illustrations by the amazing Tosca van der Weerden, The Art Department identity by the always rocking Studio Pogo.

Confirmed artists

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