The Art Department | World Tour

Hicham Habchi is a principal concept artist and creative lead working at Riot Games. He is also a comic artist. He immerses himself in anything that relates to comics and video games, especially the concept development side of them. At The Art Department | World Tour he will do a small demo and talk about his work process.

After studing in Morocco and working in Abu-Dhabi he moved to the United States to work full time for Riot Games.

His artworks touch any kind of works related to arts and creativity and reflect a lot of references to comics, advertisings, video games and urban life.

Previously he worked on many projects including League of Legends Riot Games, Overwatch Blizzard, Borderlands 3 Gearbox, Clash royal Supercell, CSI, NCIS Ubisoft, and other exciting upcoming projects.

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