concept artist & illustrator

Hicham Habchi is a principal concept artist and creative lead working at Riot Games. He is also a comic artist. He immerses himself in anything that relates to comics and video games, especially the concept development side of them.

Hachim studied Fine arts and graduated in Multimedia and Visual Design in Casablanca, Morocco.

First and foremost, Hachim worked as an art director and storyboard artist in advertising in Morocco. He moved to the United Emirates to work for Ubisoft Abu-Dhabi and he did freelance work for well-known games companies. He finally moved to the United States to work full time for Riot Games.

His artworks touch any kind of works related to arts and creativity and reflect a lot of references to comics, advertisings, video games and urban life.

Previously he worked on many projects including League of Legends Riot Games, Overwatch Blizzard, Borderlands 3 Gearbox, Clash royal Supercell, CSI, NCIS Ubisoft, and other exciting upcoming projects.

He also was involved in Comics Batman for DC Comics, Spawn Image Comics, a short film for Netflix to name a few.