The Art Department | World Tour

Beatrice Blue is an illustrator and visual development artist in love with magic, forests, colours and potions. She works on animation movies and illustrates books. We had the pleasure to have her involved in a number of Playgrounds events, but unfortunately we have not met in person yet! Let’s really connect in our World Tour we thought. And you can join us. And ask her anything…

When you have visited one of our festivals you might have had a beer with Patrick O’Keefe, or drank coffee with Loish or just sat down with Jama Jurabaev to revise your sketch. Yes, you can really just run into them, the artists we have on stage. For us it is super important our speakers are accessible to fellow artists. Last year Beatric Blue joined our online fests. Her talks were immensely popular! And for The Art Department | World Tour we have set up an exclusive ‘ask-Beatrice-anything’-session!

“Can you tell me more about your work for Dreamworks TV?”

“How did you start out publishing your first book?”

“Do you have a particular work flow or planning that works best for you?”

“What is your go to to stay healthy and sane during the pandemic?”

Anything goes! We are super curious what you want to aks Beatrice and you can do it yourself! Live!  Don’t be scared… A Playgrounds team member will be there to moderate and ask the questions the team has been wondering…

Reserve your seat! Only 30 seats!

Sa 26 June | 16:00 – 16:45 CEST | max 30 participants | €2,50 processing fee*

*This event works best with limited seats. Therefore we need to charge a low processing fee to reserve your seat! Keep in mind your first need to register for the free festival and only after that you can reserve a ticket for the ask-me-anything-session. Register and than click on side program to reserve your seat.

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