illustrator and art director

Beatrice Blue is an illustrator and visual development artist in love with magic, forests, colours and potions. She works on animation movies and illustrates books.  She has collaborated with Dreamworks TV, Hasbro, Harper Collins, Nickelodeon, Square-Enix, Lonely Planet and Procreate, among others.

She’s also a great explorer, and if you can’t find her for whatever reason, she might be just hiding in some cabin inside a lost mountain somewhere in the world. She always carries with her a banana shaped pencil case full of pencil colors, as well as sketchbooks, storybooks, and lots of fruit. Oh, and sticks that she picks constantly from the floor too.

She has lived in several places although right now she’s currently enjoying the Spanish mountains and forests. She loves travelling and talking to children. And music! Her favourite materials to work with are pencils, watercolors, oils and the Ipad Pro.


Her inspiration comes from many places! Sometimes form dreams, or walking through the woods, stories, images, films, the light, colours, childhood memories, or maybe general thoughts about a specific matter.

Beatrice is the author of the children books “Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire”, “Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tale”, “Once Upon a Witch’s Broom” and the critically acclaimed “Once Upon a Unicorn Horn”. She also wrote “Wonder, the art and practice of Beatrice Blue”.

Recently she collaborated with Apple TV+ for Wolfboy and the Everything Factory.