ABE TARAKY (Afghanistan)

The Art Department | World Tour

Originally from Afghanistan Abe Taraky is now based in the United States. He is an award winning concept designer and illustrator who is presently employed at Sony Santa Monica Studio.

With a background in animation, he pursued his passion for concept art and began his gaming career in 2008, where he worked as a developer on a number of indie titles on PC. After a succession of well reviewed releases, Abe joined Gameloft as a lead concept artist in 2012, to further work on a number of unique titles. His contributions afterwards took him on an migration across projects in the film, game, animation and advertising industries.

This expansive portfolio eventually led him to Los Angeles in 2015, to work on films like Captain America Civil War, Dr.Strange and Deadpool. In 2016, he shifted back into games with his move to Sony Santa Monica Studio as a senior concept artist on God of War (2018).

He is always on the lookout for inventive ideas, building new working relationships, and creating exciting and original content. At The Art Department | World Tour he will be interviewed by our host Danar Worya about his artistic journey.

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