ANDREW BAKER (New Zealand)

The Art Department | World Tour

The Hobbit trilogy, I Frankestein, Pacific Rim, The BFG, Ghost Shell or Mortal Engines are just some of the incredible titles Andrew Baker has land a hand to create.

Looking at Andrew’s creatures’ sketches feels almost hard to believe they sprang from his imagination and not real life models. A true talent for making fantasy characters graspable!

He is currently a freelance senior designer. He has worked in feature films as well as video games and television. More recently he has been developing various IP’s which are yet to be released.

For ten years he worked at Wetaworkshop Design Studios as a Senior Designer for projects like: Mortal Engines, The Avatar Movies, Ghost in the Shell, The BFG, Krampus and recently Love and Monsters.

You can hear him talk about his work process and career at The Art Department | World Tour in an in-depth interview.

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