The Art Department Eindhoven 2022 (sold out)

Talk to artists and studios about your portfolio at our festival. Get connected, get advice and learn about how to improve your portfolio.

Confirmed artists + studios
We are happy the following artists and studios are willing to conduct portfolio reviews (tentative program, more artists and time schedule to be announced):

Aaron Blaise

Having collaborated for Disney’s crème de la crème productions such as The Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Mulan and Brother Bear, among others animator and illustrator Aaron Blaise has something to say about portfolio’s.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals


With headquarters in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and London, Submarine is an award-winning production company that develops and produces feature films, scripted series, documentaries, animation and transmedia projects.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Ka-Ching Cartoons

Ka-Ching Cartoons is an animation studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mainly  specialized in 2d animations and ran by Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk, they mostly work for feature films and TV-series such as George & Paul, Lummels, The 3D Machine or De Grobbebollen maken LOL.

Interested to talk to: starters / students


Anikey is a 2D animation studio based in The Hague in the Netherlands. They work with many Dutch and international talents, who share their love for handcrafted quality animation. The studio quickly grew, creating independent animation films and doing work for hire, resulting in the highlight Triple Trouble, their first feature.

Interested to talk to: professionals

K.O. Productions

The company is run by Siuli Ko from 2007. Siuli is interested in multidisciplinary projects such as games and XR projects.

K.O. Productions has creatively produced artists’ work for a.o. Floris Kaayk, Design I/O (US), Zach Lieberman (US), Kyle McDonald (US), Lucy McRae (AU), Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK), Daniël Ernst and Monobanda.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Valk Productions

The production company of well-known filmmaker Richard Valk. Despite being known for his works as a director for documentaries, music videos and television series, since 2000 Valk has also added animated short films to his plate. He is also on the lookout for talented young makers.

Interested to talk to: professionals


ArtStation is a community that was shaped with the goal of empowering artists and creating opportunities for success. It’s the place for artists to connect with each other and showcase their work with others. Digital portfolio reviews!

Interested to talk to: starters / students

Ihor Pasternak

Berlin based Ukrainian Ihor Pasternak is a concept artist and illustrator with more than 7 years of experience in the animation industry. He is currently working for Berlin game development studio Stratosphere Games. The company is known for their next-gen experiences with a strong focus on high-end production values, leading-edge multiplayer features, innovate engagement and retention elements.

Interested to talk to: starters / students


Glassworks is an award-winning creative studio with locations in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. For more than 25 years, we have developed visual content for all platforms through creative services such as concept development, live-action production, visual effects, CGI, compositing, design, 2D and 3D animation, colour grading, premium finishing, and emerging technologies including VR, AR, and immersive experiences.

Interested to talk to: starters / students

Cooler Media

Cooler Media is an energetic, fast-growing company in the heart of Breda. Their team consists of a super cool mix of creatives, marketers, developers and consultants. Their mission is to reduce boundaries between people through crystal clear explanations. To reach this goal they use various techniques such as live action video, animation, web development and strategic video marketing.

Interested to talk to: starters / students

Golden Wolf 

Golden Wolf is an animation studio specialised in a diversity of techniques and executions, constantly expanding their range of capabilities. Their list of clients includes Nike, Disney, Cartoon Network, Gatorade and Converse among others. More recently, they dived into the world of puppetry and live action.

Interested to talk to: professionals

Didier Konings

Didier Konings is a Dutch concept artist who managed to take the big leap and end up working on big Hollywood productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, A Wrinkle in Time, Tomb Raider, Birds of Prey, Dark Pheonix and Mouse Guard among others.

Interested to talk to: professionals

Justin van der Lek

Justin van der Lek is an LA-based Dutch VFX Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic as well as Lucasfilm. With titles like Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: The Last Jedi &The Force Awakens, The Hobbit, Iron Man 3, Gran Torino and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, under his belt, this Dutch visual artist is in many respects a national treasure.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Armel Gaulme

Armel Gaulme is a French illustrator and graphic designer living in Paris. For almost 10 years, he has been teaching classical drawing at Penninghen and in early 2019 he joined the team of Superani, an artistic collective set up by Hyunjin Kim and Kim JungGi, two great Korean artists.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

The Panics

Working directly with brands such as Liberty Global, Chanel, Schwups, Dell, Asics, TNT, MTV and also digital/advertising agencies, The Panics are a tight-knit team of directors, creatives and producers ranging in specialisms from live action direction/production, animation and motion graphics through to high-end VFX and VR/AR development.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Esben Lash

Esben Lash is a Copenhagen-based illustrator & concept artist working in the entertainment industry. He has worked with of the biggest game and art studios around the world. Riot Games in Los Angeles, Sixmorevodka in Berlin, Artwoork Aps in Copenhagen & Atomhawk in Newcastle.

Interested to talk to: starters / students

Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Anderson is a professional illustrator and character designer based in the United Kingdom with 15 years experience working between games, animation and illustration. He has collaborated with Nick Jr, Dreamworks TV, BBC CeeBeeBies, Imagine FX, Axis Animation, Disney Interactive and Trickstar Games among others.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Aayna Vinaya

In her decade long practice Mumbai based Aayna Vinaya worked as an illustrator, concept artist, character designer, art director, colour artist, curator, animation director and producer, and is always on the lookout for interesting experiences, people and projects to engage with.

Interested to talk to: starters / students


Founded in 2007, Ambassadors now counts a team of over 80 artists, creatives, directors, designers and producers crafting the finest creative content in advertising, film and art. Their list of clients contains powerhouse names such as Booking.com, The Chainsmokers, Axe, Adidas, Nike, Jaguar, BMW, Ikea, Ohra, Tele 2, Instagram and Albert Heijn.

Interested to talk to: starters / students


From offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Amsterdam, BUCK works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries. They take their work seriously, but not themselves.

Their client list includes Mailchimp, The New Yorker, Apple, Mastercard, IBM, Childline, Cadbury and Nike among others.

Interested to talk to: starters / professionals

Ninoc studio

Ninoc studio is born from the conviction that 2D animation still has much to say. This full-fledged 2D animation studio is able to support the making of an animated film from A to Z. This already noteworthy ambition is joined by the will to provide film production companies with their expertise in pre-production, from concept art to storyboarding until editing. And with amazing results: Ninoc studio is the mastermind in the storyboards for Arcane, Rise and KDA.

Interested to talk to: students / professionals

Ethan Becker

Ethan Becker is a digital artist and animation story director known for his work on Voltron: Legendary Defender and Batman: The Long Halloween. He has worked with Netflix, Dreamworks and Warner Bros. His works have a strong memorable feature impregnated and his personal style always shines through.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals

Guerrilla Games 

Guerrilla Games are known to push the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence of game development and design, which is one of the main reasons for their products selling millions of copies worldwide. Seekers in innovation, they always surprise their audiences with new things and unexpected developments.

Interested to talk to: starters / students / professionals


Portfolio review for professionals (2+ years experience)
The classic review as you know it.

Portfolio review for starters & students
The name says it all: we’d like to reserve a few time slots for beginners who don’t really have a huge portfolio yet and might be looking for more basic tips & tricks. How do you build your portfolio? Where do you start?

Good to know

  • 1 review per person is allowed (due to high demand)
  • Registration for portfolio reviews can only be done on-site at the festival venue.
  • It’s a first come, first serve system. Get your running shoes on.
  • Some reviews will be done virtually. So please make sure to bring a virtual version of your portfolio as well. We’ll provide the laptop, you provide your work (either a website or USB-stick).
  • Most reviews however will be done face-to-face. If you want to show your portfolio digitally here, you’ll need to bring your own device.

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