The Art Department Berlin 2023

someform is a Berlin-based design and branding studio specialized in conceptual and creative development of complex 3D design systems. They create unique imagery, speak multiple visual languages, thrive in simulated photography, tell stories in virtual animations and build innovative generative software solutions for clients all over the world. Co-founder Matthias Winckelmann will enter the stage at TAD Berlin to guide us through the endless possibilities of 3D design systems.

Since humans only see internally produced, highly-limited reproductions of the world — beautiful, super-resolved digital animations like those of the Berlin based 3D studio someform call into question whether there is much practicable difference between the two.

Though we “know” the pumpkin on the table has a particular molecular structure and is host to all sorts of micro-organisms and is held-together/made-possible by forces far beyond the sun — we are really only ever casually assuming such notions.

And though digital animations (and pictures) are not hosts to tiny life forms, are they not hosts to all sorts of memes and interconnected concepts and metadata? As well, it is worth mentioning that digital stuffs too are held-together/made-possible by forces far beyond the sun.

Matthias will talk about the meaning of design systems and how a systematic approach influences almost everything they do: From designing unique visual languages to simulating photography, storytelling in abstract animation to automating design systems.