The Art Department Berlin 2023

Munich based Matthias Zabiegly has been active in the industry for more than 20 years. With a background as a 3D artist, he shifted in time towards directing his own projects within Aixsponza, leading teams, supervising on set and managing productions for high profile clients such as Netflix and Disney +. He is currently working as Creative Director of the company. We can’t wait to enjoy his expertise first-hand during the talk and demo made possible by our dear partners at Maxon.

For 20 years Matthias Zabiegly has been spending his workdays sitting in front of a computer, pushing buttons in a 3D program.

Getting his feet wet as a freelancer for Animationsfabrik and Pictorion das werk he put his rendered pixels on the big cinema screen for a few feature films before diverting into the fast-paced and high-adrenaline world of commercials.

Starting at Aixsponza more than 15 years ago he has worked his way up to become Head-of-3D leading productions for various high profile clients.

Aixsponza is a medium sized 3D Design Studio located in Munich / Germany. They put a strong emphasis on the Design part of 3D renderings, trying to get the best looking imagery out of all briefings that they get.

They have worked for clients like: Nike, Sky Sport, BMW, Karl Lagerfeld, Capri Sun and Telekom among others.

During The Art Department Matthias will talk about making the larger trends of design for social media work for bigger corporations using a few example projects they did for the social streams of BMW. Additionally there will be a sneak peak on the creation of an opening sequence for a Netflix series, where they applied the same principles.

This talk and demo are made possible by our sponsors at Maxon.

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