The Art Department Berlin 2023

Based in Los Angeles Matt Radford is a visual effects artist and art director. In  the past 15 years he has swiftly navigated projects ranging from video games to feature films.  His stunning designs can be admired in AAA game titles like Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, God of War, and The Matrix Awakens, as well as indie gems like Solar Ash and Below.

Matt was the co-founder of real-time
graphics company Beyond-FX where he helped ship Legends of Runeterra with Riot Games. His career began in the film and commercial industry working on projects like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Thor : The Dark World, Man of Steel, The Amazing Spiderman and Blackhat. He has also contributed with game cinematics for properties like League of Legends, Resident Evil, Dishonored, and Dark Souls.

Throughout his career he has collaborated with studios like Blur, Naughty Dog, Epic Games and Method.

During his talk at The Art Department Matt Radford, VFX Supervisor on AZUL, will walk through the film’s process using Unreal Engine 5 to deliver sequences and visual effects shots with real-time rendering. He’ll break down their methodology on set involving DMX lighting, render passes, and Nuke integration, all using real-time rendering. AZUL wanted to take virtual production out of the studio and into the jungle.

He’ll show us how they did it. We can’t wait!