The Art Department Berlin 2023

As a professional concept artist, illustrator, animator and matte-painter this Nordic Gem has worked on more thatn 30 feature films, tons of tv productions and commercials. Among his more recent projects are the designs for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the collaboration with Netflix for the movie Troll. Nikolai Lockertsen has joined us in 2020 for the first online edition of The Art Department with a painting demo made possible by Procreate. We are now extremely excited to get to meet him in person for The Art Department 2023 in Eindhoven and Berlin.

Norway based Nikolai Lockertsen has worked in the film industry since late 90’s for various companies like Qvisten, Filmkameratene, Gimpville and Storm Studios. He has contributed to more than 30 feature films and several TV productions and commercials. At Storm Studios he worked as Lead ArtDirector from 2008-2015.

In 2012 he started doing all his professional and private artwork on the iPad with the painting app Procreate. Nikolai is a pioneer in iPad art and sharing as much of his knowledge as possible via his video tutorials. We can’t wait to enjoy some of the wisdom first hand during The Art Department Berlin.

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