online fest #1 the art department | DEMO PAINTING

Nikolai Lockertsen is a concept artist and illustrator based in Norway. Nikolai is joining the first online edition of The Art Department with a painting demo.

Nikolai has worked in the film industy since late 90’s. For various companies like Qvisten, Filmkameratene, Gimpville and Storm Studios. on more than 30 feature films, tons of tv productions and commercials. At Storm Studios he worked as Lead ArtDirector from 2008-2015.

Nikolai is currently working a a freelancer. In edition to film-related art, he is also doing illustrations for book covers, children-books, theater stage-design, promo-art and more. With costumers all over the world.

In 2012 he started doing all his professional and private artwork on the iPad with the painting app Procreate. Nikolai is a pioneer in iPad art, and sharing as much of his knowledge as possible via his video tutorials at

Teaching Illustration, Concept Art and Painting with Procreate is very important to Nikolai. He teaches at art schools, film schools and holds lectures and demos worldwide.

This demo is brought to you by Procreate, principal sponsor of Playgrounds.