The Art Department Berlin 2022 (sold out)

After a splendid first edition in 2019 we are back in 2022 in Berlin! We cannot wait to meet the Berlin creative community again. For The Art Department we dive into the process of creating and put a spotlight on the artists that are responsible of designing worlds, characters and stories of some of the biggest productions.

14 May 2022 - 15 May 2022 (Event has ended)
Entrance fee
All tickets are sold out. Exclusive 2 day workshop by Aaron Blaise - sold out - you can register for the waiting list via

In 2019 we had the pleasure to set up our first Berlin based The Art Department with partners like Procreate and Drink and Draw Berlin. We were amazed by the turn up, the talented artists we met and the Berlin community which embraced us.



In 2022 we’ll set up house again in Berlin.

Tickets are sold out! Thanks so much for your trust.

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