The Art Department Berlin 2022

Confirmed for The Art Department Berlin! Multitalented Izzy Burton is working as a director and writer in the animation industry. We had the pleasure to have her on her stage in 2019 in Eindhoven en we are over the moon she is going to join us in Berlin.

Stunning everybody with her highly recognizable use of color and whimsical ideas in her works for Netflix Animation, Passion Pictures, Blue Zoo Animation and Bright Agency, Izzy Burton has skillfully managed to master a dreamy yet vibrant aesthetic. Growing up, Izzy spent most of her childhood hidden in her garden drawing animals from encyclopedias or writing stories and illustrating them.

Growing up her biggest passions were for Maths and Art and thought animation perfectly combined the two. She enrolled at Bournemouth University to learn animation despite being sure she will ultimately end up as a programmer. However, after winning Best Final she decided she could live without Maths, but she couldn’t live without art.

Izzy is currently an art director at Golden Wolf, and before that she was the lead designer for an unannounced Netflix series. She directed award winning short movies such as Via, A Whale’s Tale and Stella. And… she published some amazing books. Come and hear her story!

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