illustrator and animation director

Illustrator, animator, director, concept artist and story-teller. Stunning everybody with her highly recognizable use of color and whimsical ideas in her works for Netflix Animation, Passion Pictures, Blue Zoo Animation and Bright Agency, Izzy Burton has skillfully managed to master a dreamy yet vibrant aesthetic.

Izzy was born in 1993 and was extremely lucky to grow up in a house that backed onto miles and miles of pure English countryside. According to her mother this somehow reflects in all her environment drawings. As she states herself, Izzy was 100% the teacher’s pet at school. She loved to learn anything and everything, and had a mega work ethic. Growing up her biggest passions were for Maths and Art and thought animation perfectly combined the two. She enrolled at Bournemouth University to learn animation despite being sure she will ultimately end up as a programmer. However, after winning Best Final she decided she could live without Maths, but she couldn’t live without art.

She directed and created her own short film “Via” with Blue Zoo Animation, an opportunity she fully embraced. This resulted in an extensive list of awards and festival selections, the short even making it on the BAFTA long-list.

Izzy Burton is based in London, UK. She is currently an art director at Golden Wolf, and before that she was the lead designer for an unannounced Netflix series.

When she takes a moment to pause, which is fairly rare, you’ll find her watching Star Wars or Band of Brothers or anything that’s new to Netflix or telling herself she should read a new book and ending up reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier for the millionth time, drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea (no milk, lemon if there is some) and walking her rescue dog Twigs.