The Art Department Berlin 2022
Karakter is an award winning studio and agency, designing virtual worlds for entertainment productions. Christoph Stryczek, principal concept artist at design studio Karakter, will do a live demo on how to translate your 2D sketch into a 3D model.
The design ideology behind Karakter is to put brand, narrative, visual charisma and plausibility in one holistic package. Their ambition is to make the fantastical credible, recognizable and appealing. Karakter has contributed to established designs for well known names like Call of Duty Black Ops IV, Game of Thrones and Shadow of War.


Christoph is the Principal Concept Artist at Karakter Design Studio. During his presentation at The Art Department Berlin, he will give you a live demo on how to quickly and efficiently translate your ideas from a rough 2D sketch to a semi fleshed out 3D model, all in Blender. Naturally, the focus lies on having fun and staying loose and dirty. Christoph will go over the tools he uses the most on a daily basis, and show one or two tricks, on how to speed up your modeling and design workflow.

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