design studio

Karakter is an award winning design studio and agency specialised in designing virtual worlds. Berlin-based company, they create visual designs and offer creative development for entertainment productions. They collaborated on projects like Game of Thrones, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Karakter was founded in 2008. Artists like Mike Hill and Floris Didden played a significant contribution to the growth of the studio and its solid establishment within the visual design industry. Among a series of prizes, the studio also prides itself with three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects for their work on Game of Thrones in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

We had the pleasure to have them on our stage in Berlin in 2019. During The Art Department 2020, Tobias Mannewitz (founder) and Henrik Bolle were interviewed at by Spiridon Giannakis, creative consultant for Playgrounds.