The Art Department Berlin 2022

In less than a month the German capital will become the host of The Art Department 2022. Vollgutlater in Neukölln becomes the place to go for animation, illustration, character design and other art disciplines. But obviously our festival isn’t the only thing happening in the area so here are some tips and tricks to get the max out of your trip.

Food & Drinks in the Neukölln area

The festival venue Vollgutlager is located in the Berlin district Neukölln. Neukölln is an area that’s rich with cultures and flavors. If you’ve got time next to the festival madness you should visit Weserstraße. Westerstraße is a street that’s famous for it’s collection of bars, restaurants and vintage boutiques. It’s the perfect place to wander around when you have some spare time or the place to be in case you’re looking for a drink.

In for a surprise? Then you should take a walk to former airport Tempelhof-Berlin. The plane base has turned into an enormous empty space and the perfect location to bike, walk or spot some cute dogs. In for a coffee? Grab one at café Engels located right before the entrance in Neukölln. If the Berlin weather is treating you nice enough you can even get some beers at a Späti and enjoy one of the BBQ spots. Do you want to be explore some more routes instead of BBQ-ing? Have a 20-minute walk towards Maybachufer, stroll along side the Landwehrkanal and appreciate the beauty of Berlin.

More art

Not feeling the urge to walk a lot and looking for some more art related places? You’re lucky! Next to Vollgutlager the Kindl Brewery is located. The former brewery is currently a centre for Contemporary Art and houses installations, performances, paintings and other art forms. Presently it hosts the exhibitions of Alexandra Bircken named ‘Fair Game’, Michaela Melián with ‘Red Threads’ and a group exhibition.

Festival hang out on Sat 14 May – Sage Beach

When the first day of The Art Department is over and you want to get a drink downtown you can visit our hangout at Sage Beach. Sage Beach is located in Kreuzberg, one of the main districts in East-Berlin. Artists and crew will join you!

Explore the city 

If you want to go explore more you can always take the Ubahn to wherever your guts lead you. The Ubahn is one of the most easiest systems to get wherever you want to be. One of the more central stations is Warschauerstrasse. This station is located right to the heart of Friedrichshain. Friederichshain is a bubbly area and more touristic than Neukölln. The best way to get to know this place is to walk right into the buzz near Simon-Dach-Strasse.

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