Playgrounds Online Fest #2 - Blend

If circumstances called for us to reinvent our format and test new limits, we thought why not also create a free online edition of Blend? We were so looking forward to our festival celebrating artists bending mediums and shifting limits. Not possible this spring, let’s talk online, we thought!

15 May 2020 (Event has ended)
Video stream on Twitch - Stream 1 and Stream 2
17:00 - 23:59
Entrance fee
Free entrance - live only (no upload afterwards) - all times mentioned are GMT +2

On Friday May 15th you are welcome to join us for a mix of talks, panels and portfolio reviews.

Blend is about mixing, mashing things up, bending genres and blending disciplines. We program artists who create progressive and innovative work in the field of digital design, film, illustration and animation. Makers that collaborate outside their field with scientists, theatre, environmental organizations, and even NASA. You name it. Expect vanguard artist talks, an insight into their work progress via demo’s, panel discussions. All online, all live.

You will be able to pick their brains, see how they did it, how they started, what they studied, how they became famous as well as what amazing projects they are tackling at the moment.

Live only, no upload of the talks afterwards, so be there!

Live stream at 17.00 at Twitch – Stream 1 and Stream 2

You can find the timeschedule for Blend here. Tentative program. All rights reserved. All times mentioned are GMT +2.

Last minute change in the program

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons Lucas Zanotto had to cancel his talk tonight. We are however confident Lucas will be able to join us at some other future event of ours.

Aaaand… Fear not! We’re not leaving you unentertained! We dived into our archives and found a treat – the talk of Yukai Du that she did for Blend 2018. Enjoy!

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