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There are some creatives that look at commercial projects as the 'necessary evil' that need to be completed in order to make artistic and innovative projects happen. BUCK thinks differently. This design-driven production company views commercial production as a playground.

BUCK are an integrated collective of designers, artists and storytellers, who believe in the power of collaboration—the special alchemy that only happens when working together toward a common purpose.

From offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Amsterdam, BUCK works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries. They take their work seriously, but not themselves. This attitude is reflected in their workplace, where they strive daily to create an environment that breeds a culture of excellence, while remaining fun, collaborative, and ego-free.

One of their most noteworthy projects was the Metamorphosis video they created for the Good Books non profit organisation that helped fund charity programs through online book buying. The animation piece is an absolute stunner with spectacular visual transitions. Unsurprisingly it got shortlisted and won a bunch of awards at events like ADC Awards, YoungGuns, KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Soho Film Festival and even Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
Their client list includes Mailchimp, The New Yorker, Apple, Mastercard, IBM, Childline, Cadbury and Nike among others.


BUCK’s collaborations for nearby brands like Tony’s Chocolonely and Oatly drew on the Amsterdam team’s deep knowledge of European advertising and culture while crafting work for the global stage. With their Amsterdam office they aim to explore new creative opportunities while remaining true to their core culture of not only working with talented people but also nice people.


Regular guests to various Playgrounds events both online and offline, they were responsible for creating both the branding and new identity  for The Art Department, as well as the titles for the 2022 edition. Their cutting-edge design was very well received by audiences and critics alike.

In 2021 we also met with Vincent Lammers – Creative Director of the Amsterdam division, to discuss in an in-depth interview his experience and plans for BUCK Amsterdam.