global collective of video artists

In the words of Matt Pyke, founder and creative director of Universal Everything, the studio is “a digital art and design collective trying to invent the future before we get there”. And indeed, their projects, that so effortlessly bemuse the eyes, are difficult to be captured in words, described by formats or encapsulated in a specific medium. What is it that we're seeing? Projections, animations, installations? A bit of all! Universal Everything.

Universal Everything is a global collective of video artists experience designers and future thinkers. They collaborate with pioneering brands and institutions to develop video artworks and immersive installations to illuminate iconic architecture and to produce major launch events. Their artworks are exhibited by museums and galleries worldwide held in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection and Odunpazari Modern Museum collection. Their VR explorations have premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

A monograph on Universal Everything was published by Unit Editions in 2019. The book is printed using a unique salmon pink fluoro colour that has been specially created and mixed for the project. “What is Universal Everything?” examines 24 of the studio’s most exciting projects, from work for clients such as Microsoft, Hyundai and MTV, through to projects for Radiohead and the Science Museum in London. Furthermore, every cover of What is Universal Everything? is unique: a different tipped-in image graces the cover of each edition. As Matt Pyke notes: “We developed software to generate random combinations of shapes, colours and sizes with collision detection. Thousands of unique graphic compositions have been generated…. Everyone will own a one-off.”

At the online fest Blend, Interactive Creative Director Joel Gethin Lewis  talked about the human body and sculpting in relation to Universal Everything.