filmmaker and visual artist

Each of the works of Rogier van der Zwaag is a new step in his search for synergy between sound and image, reality and imagination. Rogier is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is know for his spectacular audio-visual collaborations with Binkbeats and Nothing Beats the Drum, among others.

While studying Image and Media Technology at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Rogier started experimenting with film, animation and photography. After graduating he started gravitating towards abstraction and exploring an urge to create his own little universes.

Like the scientists of old, he starts with nothing but a hypothesis – and a camera. As his experiments gather speed they take over his studio, his house and his life.

Props pile up, hard drives are overloaded and showers become a distant memory. Yet all this is forgotten when he releases his creations, as time, shape and perspective are turned inside out to dance across our screens.

‘I consider process to be more important than an idea. My ideas are pretty small but my processes are quite extensive.’ Rogier said in 2020, during his Blend online mind-blowing artist talk. And indeed, his process is exquisite, as it can be seen in many of his presentations and making ofs videos.