online fest #2 blend | ARTIST TALK & PORTFOLIO REVIEWS

Our history of successful collaborations with Amsterdam-based studio Ambassadors is quite extensive. Creative Director and partner, Vincent Lammers, has been a speaker at our events on multiple occasions. We feel so lucky to be able to mark yet another adventure together with these talented people: our online edition of Blend.

The studio show-cases not only incredible artistry and technical skills but an astounding sense of storytelling, always picking the most interesting and relatable with narratives. Their work ethics are in fact quite relevant for the studio’s activity: Ambassadors distinguish themselves not only through impeccable artistic achievements but also very powerful and gripping story-lines.

Founded in 2007, the studio now counts a team of over 80 artists, creatives, directors, designers and producers crafting the finest creative content in advertising, film and art. Their list of clients contains powerhouse names such as, The Chainsmokers, Axe, Adidas, Nike, Jaguar, BMW, Ikea, Ohra, Tele 2, Instagram and Albert Heijn.