online fest #2 blend | ARTIST TALK & PORTFOLIO REVIEWS

If you’re one of our regular hard-core fans you’re probably no stranger to the PanicRoom events often accompanying our festival. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you should know you have been missing out on some epic mind-blowing doses of inspiration. But everybody’s in luck because The Panics, the brilliant studio behind PanicRoom and many other wonderful things, is joining us at our online edition of Blend. They will give an artist talk and are there for you to do portfolio reviews.

Founded in 1997, The Panics (formely know as PostPanic) is a director-driven commercial film production company. They  allow their passion for creativity and craftsmanship to drive the quality of their work; always aiming for excellence and an original voice. With 21-years of experience, their professionalism, confidence, and well-established collaborations push concepts further, both creatively and technically. The Panics constantly challenge theirselves in order to prove that brave creativity will always have a place in this industry. And we’re proud they are a partner in our own Next talent program.

The Panics is a hybrid film company with the in-house capability to make whatever form of creative project they want to immerse themselves in. They are driven by the passion to create beautiful and memorable commercial storytelling. Working direct with brands such as Liberty Global, Chanel, Schwups, Dell, Asics, TNT, MTV and also digital/advertising agencies, PostPanic is a tight-knit team of directors, creatives and producers ranging in specialisms from live action direction/production, animation and motion graphics through to high-end VFX and VR/AR development.
Among the directors they often collaborate with are Fons Schiedon (yes, our Fons indeed!), Misha Rozema, Chris Staves, Anthony Scott Burns, Onur Sentry, Eat My Dear and Jamie-James Medina.