For this the online fest of Blend, we’ve set up portfolio reviews by Submarine, BUCKMediaMonks, AmbassadorsThe Panics, Merijn Hos. All portfolio reviews will be held through Whereby. How does it work and how can you apply?

UPDATE 9 May: Applications are closed now. The people who were selected received an email.

You can apply for a portfolio review during Playgrounds Online Fest #2 – Blend from Friday 1 May 9.00 until Tuesday 5 May 24.00 (GMT +2). Applications after Tuesday 5 May 24.00 (GMT +2) will not be considered.

To ensure that we can make the right match between people and studios, all applications will be checked first by members from the Playgrounds team. Filling out this form does not mean you have secured a portfolio review just yet.

We will notify you via e-mail whether your portfolio has been selected for a review before the 9th of May.


  • We only accept online portfolios such as websites, ArtStation etc. All other files send via e-mail or otherwise, will not be taken into consideration.
  • Filling out this form does not ensure you get a time slot with your artist of choice. Once your portfolio has been accepted by our team, you’ll receive a separate e-mail with a link to choose a time slot and pay a deposit. Only once the deposit has been paid, we can confirm your time slot.
  • Due to limited time slots and high demand we only allow one review per person. If Playgrounds notices that you are attending more than one review, your deposit + booking fees will be retained.


Only when your portfolio is selected for a portfolio review, we ask you to pay a €25 deposit + €2,50 booking fee. The deposit will be refunded in 5-10 business days (depending on your bank) after the review has taken place. If, for any reason, you do not show up on time for your review or cancel the review within 48h prior to the appointment, your deposit will be retained. Booking fees cannot be refunded, so this means that the costs for a review are €2,50.

Our payment methods are:
– Creditcard

Please note that all times mentioned below are in Amsterdam time zone (GMT +2). All rights reserved – program tentative to change.

Note: Submarine is also recruiting: they are looking to fill roles across the board on several upcoming production in feature / TV / 2D & 3D / both Artistic & Production roles.

BUCK is also looking for talent for several jobs. More info can be found here.

14:00h15:05hSubmarine – Jamie Bolio
15:15h16:20hSubmarine – Winfred van Heerebeek
16:30h17:35hMerijn Hos
17:45h18:50hAmbassadors – Vincent Lammers
20:15h21:20hThe Panics – Kim Taylor en Federica D’Urzo
21:30h22:35hMediaMonks – Juan Behrens