In Motion London 2023

Every artist knows this: doubts, imposter syndrome and bumpy roads to get your next project. In this panel, featuring animation director Izzy Burton and character designer Loish, we let the talk be real. What are artists facing and overcoming during their professional journey?

Exhibition of works, projects, demos, artistic journeys are an amazing tool for helping aspiring artists grow and get inspired. But sometimes on the path to constant professional development and the chase of the next project, we forget that we are also humans, with real doubts facing challenges that are just as important to overcome as acquiring a new set of technical skills.

The struggle to switch off from a job that is also a passion, is real. Defining boundaries when you are your own boss is challenging. Add to that artists journeys are seldom straightforward. It’s not about having one goal and then simply working towards it. Paths can also be meandering.

Director and artist Izzy Burton will join us in London to approach some of the less discussed topics in the industry as well as tackling on the dangers on personal mental heath of making a living from your passion. Izzy has worked as lead background and vis development artist for Netflix, art director Goldenwolf and collaborated with Passion Pictures, Blue Zoo Animation and Bright Agency, among others. She has also developed her own projects, such as Via, stunning everybody with her highly recognisable use of color and whimsical ideas

Also joining the panel is Dutch artist Lois van Baarle (aka Loish). She was one of the concepts artists involved in developing Aloy, the protagonist of the epic adventures Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrila Games. She has also collaborated with Coca-Cola, 21 Draw and Submarine Channel among others. In the past years, encouraged by her ever growing and impressive fanbase Loish has focussed on sharing her expertise via her art-books, social media and Patreon account.

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