Being in a first instance self-taught has helped Loish develop her own unique style. She gets inspired from a variety of sources like Japanese drawing styles, French comic artists and Art Nouveau. Working intuitively is also very important to Loish. She tries to draw what feels good, instead of getting too technical or over-thinking the drawing process too much.

She tries to put more emphasis on flow and expression than on anatomical precision. Shapes, movement and direction are more important than details, which can be filled in later. Textures play a huge role in all her work. They have an effect on the colors and overall look of almost all her illustrations. Her art really speaks to your imagination.

Famous for being one of the concept artists involved in developing Aloy, the protagonist of the epic adventure Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrila Games, Loish has also collaborated with Coca-Cola, 21 Draw, Submarine Channel and Sony.

She was also a guest for our very first Playgrounds Session.


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