In Motion London 2023

No other technical development of the past years has polarized the art community quite as much as the issues raised by the use of AI in developing artworks. Time to dive into this topic with a panel discussion.

Questions about what represents an ethical use, the problematics of engine trainings, reflecting on whether it helps or sabotages artists’ development, not to mention the latest and debatable policies developed by big studios regarding the use of AI within the film-making industry, are just some of the topics heatedly discussed involving AI.

But at this stage, is Artificial Intelligence still unavoidable? Can we go back to where we were before this development? Should we accept or reject it? Is there a middle way?

In this panel, See No Evil together with our guests will try to address the “elephant in room”, in the most constructive way possible. This panel is hosted by Thiago Maia and the guests are Ingi Erlingsson (CCO The Doodle & Founder of Golden Wolf), Xander Marritt (Creative Director Innovation at and Chris Hardcastle (CEO Cavalry)

See No Evil is an initiative from Thiago Maia and James Wignall, hosting bi-monthly meetings for all animators, designers and directors to show and discuss work, and generally give us a better sense of community. It also includes a blog with the best work from UK listing opportunities from and for studios, production companies, freelancers and sound designers based in UK.