bring your work

During The Art Department we’ll set up portfolio interviews and several international studios will be present to recruit and scout talent. So bring your work!

The portfolio review sessions will be held at 4 and 5 Oct. You can apply for a time slot at the venue where the exact schedule will be available for you. Time slots consists of 15 minutes, so be prepared!! Full = full

Time schedule of all artists and studios participating in portfolio reviews is online now! Tentative program, all rights reserved.

You can talk to: Sava Zivkovic, One Pixel Brush, Maxx Burman, Gilles Ketting, Iris Compiet, Finnian MacManus, Wouter Tulp, Jama Jurabaev, Borja Montoro, MediaMonks, Jesper Ejsing, CD Projekt Red, Maarten Verhoeven, Cristian Chihaia, Locksmith Animation LtdLeon Tukker and last but not least Submarine.