concept-, envrionment-, 3D artist

Leon Tukker is a freelance concept/environment/3D artist and animator living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Specialized in architecture, science fiction and environment design, he has worked for clients such as Axis Animation, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Paramount Pictures and Keoken Interactive, among others.

As a kid he really liked to play with legos which, he considers, is what sparked the creative little being inside of him! His works were further influenced by a love for science fiction movies and games. He likes to combine abstract shapes with vibrant colors as well as creating weird alien worlds and giant cityscapes.

Over the past year he has worked for clients like: Axis Studios, Wizards of the coast, Paramount Pictures, Paizo Publishing and the Dutch game company Keoken Interactive. In his spare time he likes to compete in high jump and running competitions, as well as playing boardgames.


Leon is no stranger to Playgrounds! He has been involved in co-curating and moderating several editions of The Art Department as well as being a former contributing editor for the Playgrounds Eye Candy series.