Playgrounds Blend 2021 (on-site)

Viccens is a very quirky artist. He is versatile and experiments with different sounds. The energetic Viccens switches smoothly between light-hearted “plugg” and dark southside influenced trap, but cannot be bound to 1 sub-genre within hip-hop.


His unique choice of words quickly stands out between the harmonious autotune vocals and heavy 808s. Viccens walks an untrodden path. He makes his own videos, paints or illustrates his artworks and designs his own merchandise.

The man behind Viccens is Victoire Elekonawo. In the past Victoire also used to direct films and video clips. Nowadays he is focussing on his path as a musician and visual artist. Victoire is coached in the Next Talent Program.

Portrait Viccens: Jesse van den Berg